Street Fighting Game Plan 3

Street Fighting Game Plan Video #3 of 3

Follow Up Stage, Taking out your opponents in a couple fast moves


This video covers how to fight outside of your weight and skill class. In this final video, we’ll review where we’ve gone, and how to take your attacker out of commission! What range should you use? What tools? How will you do it easily? It is all in this video! At the end see my students spar it out with a simple and effective drill!

What you will learn in the Follow Up Stage:

  • Discover the keys to dominate close quarter fighting
  • Get down how to end a fight quickly and almost effortlessly
  • Attack the line which most opponents are unaware of, giving you a huge advantage


This immediately downloadable full DVD covers: 
  • Learn how to defend against multiple opponents with a simple 3-step process! Never fear a gang of thugs again!
  • Use one secret Asian Martial Arts trick to quickly disarm anyone attacking you with a knife or stick of any size!
  • Discover two brutal ground fighting moves not taught in any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA school which will save your life against bigger opponents!
  • Find out how one single secret “choke point” can control any vicious attacker in what you’ll learn as the “elite range”.
  • Train the one main element which all prize fighters learn, and use as the basis of their game plans in any kick boxing range fight (very valuable, as most fights start in this range!)
  • Uncover the three main reasons why people lose fights in bloody messes, and a specific training secret to give you the edge!
  • When attacked by two or more… Knowing who to immediately deal with first when attacked by a gang of ruthless thugs, and not breaking the one single cardinal which would have led you to a major beat down.
  • Learn an excellent “Knife Fighting secret fighting structure” lesson which will cover everything from how to hold a blade to how to counter any attacker with it!
  • Watch, learn and do a single fast learning ground fighting drill which will internally wire you to make the next move even before your opponent has finished theirs!
  • Understand what the three simplest moves are, how they are the most dangerous, as just a core set of them will take out any attacker in the range almost all fights go to (no, it is not ground fighting!).
  • Find a sneaky little “strategy secret” which uses your opponent’s rage, power and strength against him! The more vicious they attack, the more pain they receive!
  • See how the transitions in a fight have costs experience fighters their lives, and how you can use it to your advantage! This is a fierce MMA secret which we’ve adapted to street fighting!
  • So much more! This is just a small sample!