Self-Defense with a Karambit Knife

Self-Defense with a Karambit Knife

A karambit knife is a medium-sized knife that is distinctively dangerous and lethal. The curved blade design was widely used for farming and as a utility blade in Indonesia where it first originated. The knife resembles a tiger’s claw that includes a safety ring so it will not slip out of one’s hand during bloody and or wet chaotic situations. The tool became popular in the world as a great new invention, and then later became useful as a self-defense weapon.

It may be small but indeed deadly especially when the user’s intention is to cause harm.
With its small size, it can be placed inside a pocket and be carried anywhere to use if you run into a deadly situation. However, the main question here is how to use the knife during defense and what body part should is best to strike to immobilize your opponent?

Accordingly, the karambit knife is very different from a regular knife in many perspectives. It is said that it may be poor as a stabbing weapon but it is effective for tearing, scraping or slashing way. The knife itself is not harmful, but anyone who knows how to use the knife is. A well-trained person who uses the knife as a weapon will overcome an attacker quickly and smoothly.

When using the blade, offense is key. The person’s attack must come straightforward up the middle aggressively in a slashing motion. The most horrifying attack of a karambit knife is the strikes that come toward the face, eyes and throat or near the collarbone and ribs which will surely immobilize your assailant.

Also, anyone choosing the karambit knife as a weapon should also assume that your subject is armed. Therefore, keep distance between you and the assailant until you are ready to launch attack. The karambit knife is a great tool to have in your arsenal. But with any tool, train with it on a regular basis to gain confidence that you will be able to use it in a dangerous and deadly situation.