Punch As Strong As Superman

Let’s get one thing straight, I know you are not Clark Kent. However, there is this one move that you see frequently in the movies, and on occasion, you see in MMA fights. When it happens in the movies, it is pretty cool, and when it happens in the ring, it is exciting and devastating.

The move I am talking about is the “Superman Punch”. The distance it can be launched from and angle it attacks at, is what makes it special. But the secret comes in the coordination of your body. Let’s get right into it.

My advice is to have six to ten feet between you and whatever you are striking, whether that be a punching bag or actual opponent. Start on guard with a left lead as we’ll assume you are a right handed fighter, so you start balanced and grounded. When I teach people this move in person, I tell them to start by walking through the moves.

Take two steps and then bend both your right arm and leg into your body, so you are just standing on your left leg.  At this point you should be within striking distance of the target, and at the same time, you want to extend your leg and arm quickly together to hit the target with your fist. 

The “kip” or snap of the leg will help you deliver extra power, but the true secret is in doing this move with a little bit more speed, so let’s try it again. After practicing it several times at “walking” speed, added power comes from jumping up and punching downward at your target.

By combining the forward momentum, snapping of the leg and downward punch, this truly gives you a feeling of superman’s power. It may take a couple dozen reps to really get down the coordination of the leg and arm both snapping out, but when they come together it is a great move, with more power from an angle most people haven’t even thought of.

If you want to see a video of the move done in real time, check this out: https://youtu.be/d8N-EXPEg4A