So what does adult self-defense training need to consist of? What moves should a person perform? Before we talk about specific moves, realize every successful self-defense move has to meet three criteria to work in the real world. They all have to be:

Effective: Many self-defense moves work well against one kind of an attacker, but fail miserably against another kind (usually one who is bigger and stronger). That is why you must focus on moves that work against everyone, regardless of their size, strength, or even skill.

Efficient: Time is not on your side in an altercation, it is on the attacker’s side. The longer they can draw it out, the more time they have to assault, rob, rape, and even kill you. You want all of your moves to be quick, so you can accomplish your one main goal: survival.

Simple: All self-defense moves have to be easy to learn, train, and perform. Multi-defense moves may look great, but in most cases are very unrealistic. Moves need to be easy to learn, as you should have them down in a couple dozen repetitions, not thousands. The moves should also be easy to practice, as most of us don’t have hours each day to dedicate to training. Lastly, it should be simple to perform. Complexity is the enemy, just as much as the “dummies” which attacks people.

Most self-defense moves are based on fine motor skills (just like putting a key into a key hole) and complex motor skills (multi step moves, such as throwing a ball while running). When the human response of an “adrenaline dump” into our bloodstream happens, following feeling threatened, the ability to perform fine and complex motor skills decreases. Gross motor skills, which are single direct moves completed by large muscle groups, actually increase in their ability with adrenaline. As a result, make sure self-defense moves are gross motor skill based, so you can actually perform them when threatened.

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