#2. Hand to hand techniques, pre shooting, you can do after drawing your gun (assuming you decide not to shoot, or it is not possible if someone closes the gap).


Depending on the situation, deciding to shoot or not to shoot a firearm in a defensive situation, may be a difficult decision.  Even after we have pulled a firearm, we may want or need to respond without pulling the trigger.

This article will cover a handful of different self-defense moves which you can easily and quickly apply to a situation if one or both of your hands are tied up with holding a weapon.

Stomp Kick:  I’ll start off with one of my most favorite moves, assuming one or both of your hands are occupied by holding a handgun or long gun.  This move is usually completed by using the rear foot, and focusing on picking up the knee and then delivering a “pushing” kick against the center mass or torso of the assailant.  If you need extra distance or want to better identify the assailant, this is a great move.  When connecting with the torso, you can send a man flying back several feet, or delivered to the kneecap, you can easily break a man’s leg.

*Step by step stomp kick*

Hammer Fist Strike:  This particular strike is done with the bottom or “meatier” part of your fist.  The great thing about this move, is that it is very versatile, where you can easily strike using a downward and side angle.  Targets would include the brachial area or face.

Front Kick:  The last move we’ll cover is an easy “A frame” kick, usually delivered with the rear leg, but can quickly be thrown with the front leg as well.  The kick is best done by once again, raising the knee first and then “flicking” out the shin/foot into the groin area of the assailant.  Quick, easy and very effective is why I’m a fan of this move too, while holding a firearm of any sort.

*Step by step front kick*

The challenge with these moves, is that few ever practice them.  Getting in reps with a non-functioning practice weapon is paramount, and whether you get a chance to train this with an inert weapon or live on the range, making sure you never cross that line of fire from the barrel is a rule you can’t break.