Range Gluttony

Deadly Sin #1 of 7: Range Gluttony
Martial arts is multi-dimensional and if you focus only on one of them, you might not be able to defend yourself against all kinds of altercations. So Matt Numrich of the Elite Defense Systems will explain the 5 areas or ranges of self defense fighting in this video. The first range is called kickboxing. It is characterized by kicks and punches to hit an opponent that is at least an arm’s length away from you. Next, there’s the close quarters wherein the attacker is close to you. The ground fighting range is pretty much like wrestling and has two subcategories: tournament and the street fighting tools. Further, the weapons range is composed of edge weapons, impact weapons and projectile weapons like the pepper spray. Lastly, there’s the mass attack wherein you are taught how to deal with multiple opponents.

Technique vs. Attribute Greed