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“Learn 9 DEVASTATING and Surprisingly Simple Self-Defense Moves on One DVD!”


This immediately downloadable full DVD covers: 
  • 9 of the best self-defense moves which allow you to fight outside of your weight and skill class!
  • The secret three ingredients all self defense moves have in common (these are real-world insights that, once you know them, will completely change the way you feel about self-defense).
  • Four ruthless and brutally efficient moves you can – and should – use if your life is in immediate danger.
  • How to attack from the ground up – Your attacker is hoping the element of surprise from knocking you down will startle you enough to avoid putting up a fight – but he’s the one in for a surprise when you use these two simple moves!
  • Why you’re making a very painful mistake if you’re only using your fists to attack! There’s another part of your body that will do the job BETTER and is resilient enough to withstand just about anything!
  • How to add these martial arts moves to any workout routine for fast, efficient results in less time! Get in better shape without monotonous gym machines and costly memberships? Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Much, much more!